Industrial Robotics

We manufacture automated solutions for final packaging lines and industrial and collaborative robotic system partner.

Robotica industrial

Robótica Industrial

Fabricamos soluciones automatizadas para líneas de empaque final y system partner robótica industrial y colaborativa.

Algunos proyectos realizados

​Some projects carried out

pick and place

​Robot Pick and Place | Construction Industry

System of four robotized 7-axis for the loading and unloading of fibercement sheets.

Adquisición de datos, IOT & Scada

Desarrollo de sistemas SCADA, sistemas MES, IOT para análisis, medición y retroalimentación de datos.

Algunos proyectos realizados

adquisicion de datos, iot, scada

Data acquisition , IOT & Scada

Development of SCADA systems, MES systems, IOT for analysis, measurement and data feedback.

​Some projects carried out

sistema mes

MES System | Textile Industry

Data acquisition and production control system, dead stops, processed and statistical batches for cost analysis.

sistema scada

SCADA System | Automotive Industry

8 flow meters were installed to measure flow and consumption in the air pipes. They are powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) and in this way a SCADA was created to visualize the information of each flowmeter. In addition, all this information is being saved in a database so that the customer can take this information and make their analyses.

sistema scada

​SCADA System | Food Industry

SCADA control for coffee exporting company, which is monitoring the temperatures of dryers, ovens and at the same time takes a logistical control of the traceability of coffee and wineries

Material handling and logistics

Development of efficient system from the start of production or processes to analyze their traceability and logistic.

manejo de materiales y logistica

Manejo de materiales y logística

Desarrollo de sistema eficiente desde el inicio de la producción o procesos para analizar su trazabilidad y logistica.

​Some projects carried out

Algunos proyectos realizados

sistema de logistica y trazabilidad

Traceability System | Textile Industry

The system has a Dashboard where you can view all the steps taken by the different users that the system handles.

sistema de trazabilidad

Traceability System | Textile Industry

Facilitate and ensure that packages are being moved to the correct container. The system makes it easy for the forklift to scan a package and show it which place the package it is scanning should reach, the place is defined by the curtain and by the container. Once the container is full you can release the curtain and container to use others and start with a new loading order.

Automatización y control

Desarrollamos soluciones de automatización para cualquier proceso en la industria o comercio, desde migración de sistemas obsoletos hasta nuevas integraciones.

Algunos proyectos realizados

automatización y control

Automation and control

We develop automation solutions for any process in industry or commerce, from obsolete system migration to new integrations.

​Some projects carried out

control de plegadoras

Press brake counter for textile industry 

Control of lots by weight for distribution of fabric dyeing machines.

control de maquinas

Machinery control |Textile Industry

Control of dead stops in winding machine. 

control de bombas

Automation |Automotive Industry

Supply control, flow and monitoring of pumps for animal feed industry.

Machine Vision

Development of machine vision systems with intelligent cameras, they are suitable for reading barcodes or characters (OCR), recognizing patterns, detecting defects and locating parts, guiding robot arms, controlling assembly and manufacturing lines.

sistema de vision

Machine Vision

Desarrollo de sistemas de visión artificial con cámaras inteligentes, son adecuados para leer códigos de barras o caracteres (OCR), reconocer patrones, detectar defectos y localizar piezas, guiar brazos de robots, controlar líneas de montaje y fabricación.

Algunos proyectos realizados

​Some projects carried out

inspeccion de etiquetas

Label Inspection |Textile Industry​

Production and quality control for labels via a vision camera, PLC and other automation equipment.

inspeccion ocr

​OCR Inspection | Automotive Industry

Check the quality of the part by means of gentlemen who detect correct assembly of components.

inspeccion fixturas

Inspection fixtures | Automotive Industry

Check part quality by means of a vision camera that detects correct assembly of components